Friday, February 8, 2013

Commissioned progress

I sold 2 paintings to a client a few months ago Exhibit A

  When I delivered them to his home I was pleasnatly surprised with a request for a commissioned piece. Doing commissions really floats my boat because  I take great pleasure in giving people what they want (with a little extra as a small thank you and appreciation). 

Here is the draft/brief.............I stuck it on my mood board so sorry for any distractions on the background. I wanted to share my progress with you { with granted permission from the client)

Here is the piece..My client has a red sofa that is central within the living area of the home, so I painted the edges in red to tie it with the room.

I wanted this piece very textured as it is a mixed media piece, so I layered it 8 times with various textured paper which took  3 days to apply, dry, apply, dry.......

My client was  inspire by this Seaside 3Dimensional piece I did  a year earlier and wanted  a larger ,wider version with his own specifications.{ I love working with people who knows what they want, it makes my job much clearer and therefore more enjoyable}
So it was late nights and early morning with a bonus of zendoodling while wainting for layers to dry..

I will share more photos as I continue to progress with this piece
I am currently working on the beach houses at the moment, so expect more pics soon. Much love and have an amazing weekend. And please leave me a comment, tell me what you think of the progress. Do you love the seaside? This piece  gets me reminising of many seaside holidays spent as a child in the caribbean.
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