Saturday, September 8, 2012

For Someone Special...

It is wonderful when family and friends support your dreams.
  I made these pieces for someone very special. This person has given me support from the very beginning of my blogging journey and has continued to  supported me to this very day.
 I am in such gratitude for this person.

The bracelets were made with shells, silver charms, acrylic beads, wooden beads, glass beads and vintage plastic beads. All my pieces are unique and created like no other. It wont be possible to find anyone else wearing the exact piece.

The earrings were especially made in my national colors [ red, white and black] to celebrate our 50 years Independence Anniversary in Trinidad- the country where  this special person spent her formative years.

I hope that everyone, in their walk through life has the support and  encouragement from their family, friends and loved ones.  It makes the journey of pursuing your dreams a more pleasant one.

Best Wishes...Chelsea

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