Friday, September 21, 2012

Feeling Blue but LoVE you too.

Mixed Media

On Canvas 50cm by 70cm

It was so wonderful to escape in painting, while I was n Germany. By the second week of being there, I knew Art Journalling was not enough to give me my creative fix. I had to have something stronger...PAINT and lots of it.!!!!!on canvas and BIG ONES TOO. So  off  I went to the nearest  town to find an art supply store. I returned home hours later with paints, brushes, canvases and a big smile on my face and  a slight but worthwhile dent in my bank balance. I went upstairs and converted on of  the spare room into a studio. It was there I spent most of days and nights in joyous seclusion, while my daughters were gathering memories of summer with Opa and Oma. Sometimes it takes being away from doing something you love to realize how much joy it brings you. In this case it was painting. I completed 15 pieces, some were given as gifts to very special people while 10 will be on sale in Germany.

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