Thursday, August 2, 2012

Journals-in need of Therapy?!

Ok folks.... I think I have a problem.

 I simply love note books, journals and anything I can draw, sketch or write in. I get palpitations whenever I past by a stationary store or bookstore, just the possibility that I may find something new to add to my collection excites me.

Why? I hear you ask yourself..simply- the idea of possibility that a blank page brings. You know the feeling you get when you are about to start something new like a job, school, course or even a relationship. Well that is how I feel each time I am faced with a blank page about to write down my thoughts, doodle, journal, watercolor or create a mixed media piece.

Some of these books/journals were purchased at various places and countries, given to me as gifts from friends and family who are aware of my condition and knows it makes me happy. Needless to say my husband thinks I have a serious problem [ which he often feeds into] but our LOVE is not one of judgement so just ignore that. I do not know how many of these I have because there are others lurking in handbags, back of draws,windowsills and other unmentionable locations. All I know is I use them all and love them..every size , shape, colour, pattern, binding, texture.........I will share with you SOME of it's contents if you like but you will have to say. However if you do feel I need HELP and know of a service I can gainfully utilize do let me know. Much love.

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