Saturday, January 28, 2012


Red is one of my favorite me it is vibrant and  hold an awakening quality that really appeals to me

so.. ofcourse when I spotted this Red Leather  wrap around bound  journal

I told myself...Self ..grab it, grab it Now and Run...Yes run to the cashiers before you change your mind

And as I navigate my through life I have learned to listen to that inner voice ( note:  make sure it is your voice)

 and I was right to do so....I have never looked back since I Love this Journal

I love everything about the it...the pages, it size,

the way it holds colour and most mediums

here are just a few pages

I worked on while

I was in Germany last Autum

It is important to me to try new mediums and techniques

And journalling offers me the chance to do that.......Keep well!  Chelsea

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