Monday, October 3, 2011

ART Pic- Event

I promised to share some photos of the pieces I created for the exhibition at the Art and Craft Event I was invited to take part in over the weekend! So here goes.......

As mentioned...I am very much a family centered artist and most of my work is married to emotions attached to loved ones. Such is this piece. This particular one sold and I was asked to create another for the exhibition.

I added more depth to the colour and finished off with a high gloss!

This piece is called Bird song and part of a set of 3.

My art on Location! SOLD! ALL 3 were snapped up
by one buyer minutes of the event starting!

Art on Location
I will share more soon but for now I hope you like what you see.............. keep well and stay inspired by life!



itsRenataLive said...

oh the tease...bring it out...

congrats on the the pieces being snapped up as the event opened, they know greatness when they see it, so they had to take that moment and run with it ;) Beautiful Art as always my dear Chelsea! Such an inspiration. We need to catch up on post events. Chat soon, be blessed always.


Thank you Renata!!!it is alwaysa pleasure hearing from you.

Will certainly talk soon.


Thank you MsXpat!!! I am so touched indeed.

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