Wednesday, June 29, 2011


FiFi's Markets I will have a stall at this Art and Craft Specialist Fair, showcasing handmade crafts and products. I will be selling my Art and handmade cards and other craft items. Come along if you are in the promises to be a wonderful event promoting all things crafty and handmade!!!

Event type: Craft Fair, Market, Specialist Fair

Date start: 17 Jul 2011

Venue: The Rag Factory

Address: The Rag Factory,

16 Heneage Street,

(Just off Brick Lane,)


E1 5LJ.

The Venue

The Rag Factory


Anonymous said...

Oh, what a delight! i will be there too with jewelry, I cannot ait to see what goodies you bring. look forward to meeting you there!!!I am so excited!!! are you


stephanie levy said...

good for you! hope it went well :)

Chelsea Art Designs said...

Thank you Stephanie and Laura

It is this Sunday and I am looking forward to it.

keep well you both!

Anonymous said...

Hope the event went well for you!



Naomi said...

Hi Chelsea, Great meeting and talking to you on Sunday. I love your intuitive style. I had a fab time can't wait to see new work from you.
Speak soon,

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